A Perfect Flaw: Using Your Flaws to Seduce

“It is better to create than to be learned, creating is the true essence of life.” —Barthold Georg Niebuhr

Seduction is something that you must feel. It is not something that you can think about, plan, or get just right. Just like scratching a rash doesn’t make it heal, thinking, planning, rationalizing and overanalyzing do not work in seduction. For, just like scratching the rash interrupts the natural processes of healing, so too does rationalizing and being too thoughtful affect the natural processes of seduction.

The main misunderstanding of most is that intelligence, cunning, or planning have some special place in the merits of behavior, that, somehow, through some secret, through some righteous understanding, everything will come to them. Alas, we forget that even intelligence, analysis, and planning aren’t all that special in the world of behavior. People are animals too. We respond to simple, basic things.

We respond to our senses: what we can hear, taste, smell, touch and see. We, just like any other animal in a herd, tribe, gaggle, school, or litter, are that curious thing that constantly tests the electric fence, seemingly too stupid to realize that we can walk around it. Humming and harring at obstacles, we too shift our approach from caution, to curiosity, to frustration, and to anger. We, like that curious animal, take a while of grunting, humming and harring, until we eventually figure things out. Even with our brainpower and expensive educations. Despite what we may like to believe, on the outside, we still appear just the same as any other animal, when going about things.

The only difference about being human is that, even though all of the outside characteristics seem the same as they once did — simple emotional tendencies and cues such as aggression, frustration, and banging one’s head against a wall — we think that within these basic behaviors lies something more powerful than, say, simply walking around the electric fence. On the inside we think we are being intelligent. We believe that we are coming up with solutions or are achieving something beyond what anything else could possibly achieve. Whilst arguably this may be true at other times, it’s definitely not relevant in seduction. This is due to a very powerful fundamental that is often overlooked.

One could compare this fundamental to the metaphor of how one’s mood would affect the music one would compose. Thoughts aren’t helpful in this process — this principle is of the utmost importance in seduction. This is similar to how one would only be getting in one’s own way by thinking in the martial arts, sports, or music. One’s thoughts in seduction get caught up in, and retard the feelings and moods that are weaved into what one is doing in seduction. If one is thinking in the martial arts, he becomes rigid and weak. If one is thinking in sports, he becomes disoriented and flustered. If one is thinking in music, the keys clamber and the body gets in the way of itself, causing a forced, unnaturally rigid quality to the music. This is also all true in seduction. Thinking and analyzing disrupt the natural processes of seduction: the natural processes that help everything come together and work effectively.

So, whilst we have a million different reasons why we should think, there is but only one reason why we shouldn’t. In many ways, this animal that we are plays many different songs, with the same emotions and actions that most in the animal kingdom so similarly share. By thinking and over analyzing, we get in the way of this natural process, and disrupt our natural symphonies, and the interconnection of our actions. How you experience the world around you has a most powerful influence on the symphony that your actions and feelings weave. It is through this means that your actions are either beautiful or, if impeded by thinking, seem forced and unnatural.

It is so much easier if you forget the complications that everyone has told you that you need to know. Instead, as the simple animal that you are, in the simple world that you are in, stop imagining that you are intelligent, and start feeling. For, as almost every species on the planet has come to learn, even though our actions are simple and limited, our potential can indeed be great. Just like the body can only move in so many ways, just like an instrument is made up of simple strings, just like an artist’s canvas is made up of so many colors — so too is our basic and limited animal also made capable in the process of dancing.

Women, and men alike, overanalyze things incessantly in the world of romance and seduction. Every little nuance having to be understood and twisted. Every action considered, weighed, regretted, and then reinforced. However, such a strategy ignores the obvious. It is not so much any individual behavior itself that matters, but the chain or sequence of events that are of relevance. Intelligence is of little use in seduction. Thinking and analyzing too much in seduction are about as useful as banging one’s head against a wall. It’s rather ironic that people think that the analogous behavior is actually doing something. People think this way because, on the inside, it feels as if this magical form of frustration, rigidity, and confusion called thinking is actually accomplishing something.

Fortunately, for all of the thinkers out there who want seduction to help them gain a sense of control and find a source of meaning, as I will detail through this blog, it becomes apparent that the more instinctive, primal, and creative forces of seduction aren’t as stupid as they seem at first glance. In many ways, the forces of seduction are a kind of super- intelligence, a kind of intelligence that must be used to adapt to the rigorous demands of seduction. If you’ve heard me talk about this with relation to The Desire System then check out this review at BeBe Reviews, it will back me up. In a very real way, there is intelligence in something as simple as adaptation, just as there is intelligence in music, sport, and other skills. Some of the basic forces of seduction, which David Tian describes, will do things that one never would have even imagined possible. In coming to understand this, you will see that there is no flaw in this animal that we are. You will see that our simple, limited animal selves can do more than we ever dreamed possible, with our feeble analytical skills. Come with me, as we discover that the most powerful principles of seduction are much more than they seem, as we come to realize the irrelevance of thinking and analyzing in seduction.

The Philosophy of Freedom

“Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” —Einstein

Seduction is all about doing what you want to do. It is not about knowledge. It is not about manipulation. It is not about attaining all that you think you should.

Rather more humbly, the true value of being a great seducer — just like playing a sport that you truly love — is that it isn’t all about a medal in the Olympics, or about being written down in the history books. It’s about loving what you do. The greatest reward is that through doing what you love you can more clearly be who you want to be, and feel how you want to feel. Unfortunately, to many seduction and sex are seen as gossip topics, topics upon which we stroke each others’ egos, because we have “answers to the big questions,” when it actually is something whose true purpose is both intricate and innate: the reward of freedom.

A martial artist practicing by the setting sun feels a sense of freedom and joy in the endless expanse of the art. An ice skater stepping into the ring does so simply for the pleasure it gives her to feel so free. So too does a seducer feel freed and liberated by loving what he does.

The biggest shift for a seducer is not when that seducer comes to understand the questions he was seeking, achieves what he was after, or achieves a level of skill that he felt he needed, but when he realizes the irrelevance of the questions and achievements he was seeking, by beginning to understand the pleasure in the act. It is the moment in which one takes pleasure from the act that a seducer goes from one who asks questions into one whom explores the mysterious nature of what is before him. It is in this moment that he transforms from a person of need into a person of limitless abundance and possibility.

To truly understand seduction, we need to first comprehend some very complicated things. Complicated not because they are hard to understand, but complicated because they are hard to believe.

In doing so, we can be open to focusing on the subtlety of learning the simple things. We free ourselves to forget about what we thought that we needed to know, for seduction is far from an understood topic. Never is this more apparent than when one becomes closer to understanding its true nature.

Seduction is for the most part essentially simple. So simple in fact, that it could be said that everybody is already an inherently perfect seducer or seductress. However, it’s in the simplicity of seduction where the challenge of its communication lies. Not because it’s hard to describe, but because it’s hard to deliver to a listener or reader just how important small, seemingly irrelevant details are.

It is for this reason that you must leave behind what you think is important in seduction — what you think you need to learn or become. Instead, open yourself up to the possibility that there isn’t this mass of knowledge that escapes you. Rather, understand that you may have to be part of the evolution of understanding something that is inherently very simple and not complicated at all. Assist the evolution by appreciating and taking pleasure in the act of exploring the art, as opposed to the impossible hassle of conquering it.

Seduction isn’t at all a search for an ability that you don’t have. It’s about understanding the basic fundamentals so well that you can understand and explore the limitless rewards offered by the act of seduction itself. It’s more in patience and in a love for the act that one finds freedom in seduction. Not by the seeking of non-existent rules and guidelines. For, if there is one truth that is apparent above all others, it is that seduction does not have rules per se. Rather, through a complex and interconnected set of relationships, simple principles are the foundation for everything that we can see and feel in our sexual and romantic lives.

By reading further, you will understand that it is the love of seduction itself, and these principles, that in concert remove the need for “fixed rules.” Together they remove the need for this mythical secret knowledge, and instead implement a system of understanding that is both limitless in expanse, and of incredible simplicity and elegance.

It is for many reasons that the most important understanding of seduction is that it is not a boastful or shameful topic to be scrutinized. Rather, it is an act to be enjoyed, just like any other passion, sport, interest, or skill. Whilst it is simple, it would seem far different from a beginner’s perspective.

Becoming a Man of Value: The Insider Secrets of Men That are Successful in Life


Today, I’m going to discuss a very important concept that will change the way you view interactions FOREVER! It’s called “Becoming A Man Of Value To The World”

A simple definition of value is having what others desire. Think of a stock like GOOG, the latest hit. When the bid goes up, the value increases; people are willing to pay more. Other things of high value are gold, property in California, Roll Royce’s and Windows XP (Service Pack 2). GQ summed this all up pretty nicely in an article called Why Do Women Prefer Rock Stars.

However, this is the simple view of value. The true value someone wants, when materialism and influence is away, is just pure Happiness and Bliss (and I hope you agree). In other words, whatever gives you Joy is valuable. As a corollary, if you can make someone happy/blissful/joyful on some level, you are of value.

One cannot buy happiness with money because, for the most part, you do not choose what makes you happy. No one chose that warm beds makes us happy (or comfortable), it’s just obvious to us. We didn’t buy the desire for a warm bed, it is just human nature—evolution makes us want a warm shelter. However, money buys us warmth, bedding, and shelter. So, it is not the cause, but the effect we care about.

Value usually works like an exchange system. When I give value (money) to someone, they give me other value (product). When I offer a woman what she wants (security, love, romance) she gives me what I want (relationship, intimacy, pleasure).

But really, this occurs on all levels, from the deep subconscious of our minds, to the basis of the bartering system. Remember, as I defined it value is what causes another to be happy.

Now what does it mean to “give value”? I’ll discuss that in detail on the next page.


The 4 Archetypes


1. The Nice Guy
2. The Jerk
3. The Aloof


The Nice Guy

What kind of value does the “Nice Guy” give? The nice guy, as I see it, is the fellow who buys a girl dinner, takes her home, and doesn’t make a move until he literally see a green light—the girl has to personally buy a traffic light and smack him in the face with it.

Now, what does the nice guy want? Why does the nice guy put up with the women leading courtship, having him buy the dinner and for the most part, be the provider? Something like this (FHM).

The nice guy is giving value, true, but he is subconsciously secretly planning to exchange value the woman doesn’t want to give. In other words, the man is buying the expensive dinners and being overly nice, hoping in exchange the girl will give him sex and love.

To give a loose analogy, have you ever sat in your car and a bum out of nowhere started to wash your window? The bum wants money for the exchange, even though you don’t really want to give up any money. To weigh out this analogy, think of the bum washing your window with the Nice Guy buying dinners—then think of you, the driver, feeling guilty about whether or not he will give the bum money.

The nice guy who thinks money will buy him happiness (i.e., women’s approval) is really just buying a stairway to heaven. The trick is we have to give value the woman actually wants— think, does a woman really want expensive dinners, or does she just want the piece of mind that she has a man under her thumb?

I argue that women, for the most part, want a strong man who leads them and protects them. The nice guy is giving value, but he is not getting what he wants in the exchange— there is no happiness in the equation, so I claim what the nice guy (and some woman) are doing is some sort of conscious/unconscious manipulation.

The Jerk

The Jerk, as I see it, is the guy who does not care about the girl’s opinions and input, insults her or discounts what she says, and escalates at his own pace without caring how the woman is feeling. So in one sentence, the jerk takes value from the girl and consciously gives none back—he may offer security as value, and maybe good sex, but other than that, nothing he purposefully offers.

Let’s break this down one more step. The jerk is happy when he abuses the girl (thus he takes value at the girl’s expense). Now what does the girl get?

There are women, who love jerks, and it is my belief women who love jerks feel they do not deserve value and they may be masochistic—I know, this is taking a leap, but it makes sense to me and more often than not, it seems right. I know this is debatable, but again, this is how I have come to understand value in the world as of now.

Just to note, a person who is masochistic gets value (i.e., happiness) from pain.

**Let us assume we are talking about non-masochistic girls who don’t need jerks**

I must again clarify—and I will be clarifying a lot as this topic of human nature has so many loop—women do not want a complete, non-jerk, pussy for a guy. What this means exactly, I will explain later, as I go deeper into the value of a Real F****** Man (The RFM)


Aloof guy

The aloof guy is nice, but takes value in that he needs the girl to chase him. If the girl is not chasing, he is gone. Perhaps they will be on a date, it will be very interesting and filled with great stories, feelings of great vibes—walking around the city a bit, but nothing comes after the first date. The aloof guy wants more value than the girl feels she can offer.

In other words, every human has their limits, especially women. Unlike the nice guy who wants everything a woman can give, the aloof guy wants beyond what the girl can give. The woman senses this and feels she doesn’t deserve him.

It is different from getting the girl to chase you, it is more like a form of miscalibration—one minute you are having fun and being wild, then you sit back and just get lazy, if you are lazy for too long, the energy dies in the relationship.

I have gone through this phase, along with many close friends. In my experience, I have had a girl say to me on a date “Oh my god, how do you date girls your age…. You have an ‘old soul’ you know?” And she will be saying all these deep things, but I never heard from her again. An amazing date, nothing after. I am 99% sure the energy just disappeared because in my head, I literally said “I have this girl under my thumb” and I just lost enthusiasm for her and I know girls can sense this.

At first this made no sense to me, I mean am I too high value for some of these girls? Don’t they want rock stars and celebrities like an addiction and want to chase, chase, chase? Well I am under the impression that I communicated to these girls “Your value isn’t good enough for me” (I can’t assume more than that).

Take the reverse as an example, you make real good friends with a super cool dude who has an amazing social circle and connections, you drink, party and have an amazing time in his circle. It turns out, this guy is a huge fan of USC, but you are a die hard UCLA fan. Since you guys are such good friends, it doesn’t really matter, but it is kind of a little bug in the code.

Next thing you find out he goes out to a steakhouse every Thursday night with all his friends, but you are a bleeding- heart vegetarian and won’t touch an animal and on and on. Basically what started out as an awesome friendship where the guy was the “cool kid and inviting you into his group” somehow it’s like you need to change many things about yourself to fit this circle. I feel this analogy exemplifies the above example. The idea is the aloof fella should not be communicating, “you are not good enough” ever, we need to look deeper into others and see the true gifts they could offer us and the world.

To clear another misconception—“raise your standards, if the girl isn’t high value enough, forget her!” Having high standards is true, however this does not mean expect nothing less than Aphrodite. This means do not put up with rude behavior and disrespect. We need to accept every person for who they are— this is so important.

So far we have seen the guy who wants everything a woman can give, and so he guilt trips her into getting it, The Nice Guy. Then the Jerk that not only wants but also takes directly and gives nothing back purposefully. Then the Aloof guy, who communicates, “You aren’t good enough for me” and lacks enthusiasm.

Notice I still haven’t given an example of a solid Real F****** Man. To make sure you fully understand what I will mean by it, please read on

So I have gone through the most common examples (the aloof guy is hard to spot, I notice a lot of guys go through this phase for a period and I feel it is mostly because they do not know exactly what they want). Remember, in the end this “game” is about fixing you, not learning how to mask shortcomings.

So one last reiteration of what value means—to have something another person wants. Now the trick! How do you give value!?


Becoming Valuable


1. Giving Value
2. The RFM
3. Becoming a RFM 4. Checklist


Giving Value

What is the most mature, respectful, masculine and normal way to “give” this value/happiness? It is not throwing money at women like a monkey throwing feces. We aren’t going to be showering others with compliments expecting love back. We aren’t going to be doing people favors with the look in our eye that sex/acceptance is guaranteed.

The trick to value is to give what you feel she deserves without expecting anything back. I mean completely, utterly expecting zilch back (or as close to zero as possible). The only, only thing we get back is a good feeling in our tummy. That’s it. (As humans, we are designed to have some kind of expectance— we are not machines—but read on and I will reiterate this more after I make a few more points…) I know above I said all value is exchanged—this is very true and inevitable. Minimize the exchange, and only expect good vibes in return, nothing else. If you do not get good vibes, then it is a bad sign.

To make sure I am communicating this exactly as I intend, I want you to stop thinking and imagine a few things for a moment. Imagine you had everything you want: happiness, money, love, warmth, relationships—whether they be friendships, lovers, whatever. Now imagine being in a coffee shop writing a novel called “How to Live the Amazing Life I do” and you see a woman you find very attractive, wearing a styled shirt, striped with your favorite color. She then sits at the table near you and you say.

You say… You will say something (you are a social guy), but what do you say? You have ALL you want: happiness, love, wealthy, health—what do you say to this girl? Come on!

You may find yourself saying “Hey, I got to say that is an amazing shirt you got on, with my favorite color too! You rock!” Your eyes/face/body language would say, “I admire your style, I don’t want anything from you though, just sharing some good vibes”

Now stop imagining. We are going to imagine something new now. Imagine you are the guy who walks into the shop with a nice shirt, you sit near a girl and she says “Wow, you have an amazing shirt on!”—other than giving you that compliment, she just exudes a good vibe. She just wants to compliment you. Now, how do you feel? You better feel great or we got some other issues to work out!

That was too easy. Here is the real kicker. Imagine the girl was actually trying to sell you used soap bars (literally) so she opened up the conversation with you to compliment your shirt. You can see in her face and eyes that she just wants to sell you soap.

How does the compliment feel now? Where did the value/happiness go? Remember, she said the exact same words, but in her eyes and face you saw that she just wants your business. Think for a moment, where did the “Value” go, the happiness/warmth/blissful value? How did that change in the soap-selling example versus the genuine complimentary example?

Okay, I hope I have communicated my point accurately—if not, I know I planted the seeds so that maybe in a few months, or a year this will make perfect sense.



The Real F****** Man who has his life together gives value because he is sharing/offering the world his love. He compliments women, men, young, and old. He appreciates the blue skies, the yellow sun, the green grass, the food on his plate. (No, I am not saying he is the Dahli Llama, I am just saying he has all he ever wants and he is so happy he just loves the world). Every person, woman and man and animal are part of this world, and the Real F****** Man gives his love from the Heart to all.

So you could say in the value exchange model, the RFM gives his value in exchange with making the world (or the persons he is interacting with) have a better/happier time with him. On a date, the RFM may tell the girl some great stories, escalate tactfully without stepping on her bounds, and finds that many people love him. Think of Don Juan Demarko, even though he was troubled on many levels, he brought value to many women and what did he want in return? Perhaps just the good feeling of charity.

Ah, so now the question no longer is “How do I give value” the question is “How do I become the Real F****** Man”. Well that is part of the inner game journey but adopt the traits of the R.F.M. and it will help give you direction—it is easy to adopt the traits.

I want you to take a moment and think about how it feels to compliment someone. If you can, try to compliment someone right now, like your roommate, sibling, girlfriend, wife, or even call the last person who did you a favor, ask them how they are doing and mention in the conversation “By the way, I really have to say it was a great idea choosing to buy those posters <or whatever>, your room looks awesome man!” Change it around to fit the situation/your style. It is that simple.

Now that you have complimented someone, observe the effects on your body and mind. I speak for myself, when I compliment someone (or, give value without expecting anything back) I feel amazing in my body—my tummy tells me “Yeah! That felt good!” but my brain farts. My brain is like “uhh… now what… what do I get now” it is very weird, my brain wants me to be selfish but my body truly desires to be selfless.

In my personal opinion, we need to have our mind and bodies in synch—when we give someone else value without expecting anything in return except good vibes, we must feel good mentally and physically. I am under the impression that everyone feels good in their tummy when they do good, like charity, compliments, admiration. But some, and I imagine most community guys, mentally are not used to giving value without first taking. The equations in their brain needs a balance of value: the definition of selfish.


Becoming an RFM

The first step to become a RFM is to learn that there is no balance of value; you can give as much value as you want and not lose your happiness/well being/soul. And when I say value here, I do not mean money, I mean love. And when I say love, I do not mean like hippy shit, I mean giving people genuine, real appreciation in whatever form you see fit.

The only value you should desire is the feeling of happiness you get when you share your value with another person and/or the world (charity, compliments, love, appreciation, etc). Re-read that again. If you don’t believe me, imagine the opposite being true, a man who desires fame for his “giving” Think of most rock stars who give the world their talents in exchange for money and fame, don’t 99% of them end up depressed alcoholics and drug addicts.

In the way I see the world now, those rock stars are still only human and when they desire things other than the feeling of happiness they get from giving (i.e., desire drugs, sex, luxury) then they become co-dependent on it. They are dependent on something outside of themselves for happiness rather than seeking it within (just like the nice guy who expects love from the women he buys dinners for).


The Checklist

How to test if you are not giving value like a RFM:

  • When you compliment someone, do you feel incongruence between your feelings and thoughts?
  • One must learn to, as closely as possible, synch their thoughts and feelings in most situations.
  • Thoughts and feelings == Mind and Body. This may mean you should think less and feel more to balance it out. When someone does a good thing for you, do you feel “Now I owe him/her something”
  • Your feeling of deservedness should out weigh your feeling of compensation.
  • You give your gift to the world, and the world gives back, so you don’t owe them anything. You deserve what is being given to you!
  • Just smile, say thank you and love life!
  • When someone does you wrong, depending on the degree, does it throw you off track for more than a few moments (like getting cut off in traffic, ripped off less than $10 on something, or not chosen in a dodge-ball game). Even though all these suck, do you let it “get” to you?
  • Please know, this does not mean that you should allow others to walk on you and just laugh it off every time.
  • It means that when misfortune does come your way, do you let it stay or do you move on and learn from it if possible.


Exercises in General:

  • When you are in a conversation with someone, and they are doing/saying/wearing something interesting like a nose ring, unique shirt, hair style tell them something like “Hey, I gotta say, that nose ring looks cool! <move on>”
  •  When you say the compliment remember we are not expecting anything from them at all, we are just giving.o If the other person chooses to give back a “thank you” or whatever, awesome. But don’t care either way.
  •  Donate to some cause or charity (optional).

o The only thing you get back is a warm feeling of goodness for giving your value (in this case, money value) and sharing it with the world. o And also a tax-deductible receipt 

  • When you are hanging out with a friend, buy him/her the meal and if the friend says “no” or anything retracting, just say “Don’t worry bro, don’t even think about it” and switch topics. Then pay the bill without saying anything or skipping a beat.

o This is a hard one for me because I was sort of raised to be a bit miserly, but I notice that in my body I feel great when I do this

o In my brain, I am a bit like “oh no! money!” but logically I know some $15 meal isn’t going to set me back.

o If you are really poor, make the wise choice.


Exercises for meeting and interacting with women:

  • Give a direct opener (You have amazing energy, or you look beautiful) and make sure that inside your brain you are not expecting anything at all, you are simply sharing your thoughts and you only want to just get to know her.

o Perhaps, completely clear your thoughts and just focus on the moment.

  • Remember, synch your Mind and Body (Thoughts and Feelings)

o Also, this doesn’t have to be an opener. This can be with a girl you are already dating. Just say “Baby I gotta say, I feel so good around you” And in your brain, be clear. In your body, just feel.

  • While in the middle of a conversation, give her a real compliment like “You have an awesome accent!”


Final Thoughts

You, the reader, I am not sure what you expected by reading this letter here—a bit Zen like? Look at most of the heroes in mythology, movies, and novels. Take Abbe Faria (The Priest) form Dumas’ “Count of Monte Cristo” the book or movie. Here is a guy who does not depend on material for his well being, he accepts the world for what it is and even helps out Edmond by teaching him sword fighting, economics, history, mathematics and much more. What does Faria expect in return? Just that feeling of goodness within himself—not gay sex and a foot massage. (Note: I have only seen the 2002 movie, if the book has a completely different description, oh well)

Okay Okay, snap back to reality. Although all these examples seem jumbled (at least to me) my goal is to drive a certain point: If you want to truly give value, it MUST come from within yourself and not expect anything in return except a good feeling within (this concept is related to a popular community dogma: Outcome Independence). I hope I proved this well enough. The new question is how does one get to the point where they truly do not expect anything in return. Aside from becoming a monk, understand that we are human and will always want something in return. We will always want to fuck the hot babe and she will know it on some level.

The idea is to desire the personal happiness you get from sharing your value/happiness (and giving good vibes) more than the desire to sleew with the girl.

Once you reach that point, congratulations! You are a Real F******Man!

How to Give a Woman an Unforgettable Sexual Experience

Follow these steps and advice to understand the core principles that will help you give women mind-blowing orgasms and unforgettable sexual experiences.

Women Love Sex 

For some reason, it’s not common knowledge that women love sex as much as men do.

In fact, women ENJOY, WANT, and CRAVE sex just as much as men do. Sex releases hormones that trigger emotions within women. These emotions can be addicting.

It’s similar to why people love chocolate, caffeinated drinks, smoking, and drinking alcohol. These products, when taken, stimulate the release of hormones that our body craves later on.

Sex releases several hormones and one of them is Oxytocin. It’s known as the “cuddle” hormone which promotes emotional bonding. So not only does sex feel good, it also creates a BOND between two people.

I’ll let you in on a secret. Women that love sex usually fall into 2 categories:

The Discrete, Conscious, and Emotional- These women don’t verbalize that they love sex. It actually takes sometime before you discover that they do. They are concerned about their image and what other people might think of them. Discretion is key when dealing with these girls. Venusian Arts chats about this allot.  You should communicate early on that you’re the type of guy that keeps his mouth shut. Do this and you’re good to go.

And The Damn Proud, Physical, and Loving- These women don’t care what other people think of them. They usually convey their sexuality through the way they speak, move, and touch people. They tend to love adventure, spontaneity, and sex in a lot of different places. You should communicate early on that you’re a sexual being and you have no hang ups when it comes to sex.


Gender Differences 

If you understand the things that make her tick, how she likes to be treated, and the way she likes to be touched… Then you’re lucky and you don’t even know it yet” 

Men and women are different in a lot of ways. Men focus on getting things done while women focus on the experience and the emotions.

Men are stimulated visually. That’s why all hell breaks lose whenever a men sense beauty within proximity. Heads always turn whenever a hot girl walks by. It’s instant gratification.

Women on the other hand are stimulated emotionally. If you can trigger all the right emotions within a woman, then she’ll going to have to try really hard to resist you and your advances.

Sex is another example.

Men are similar to eggs. They are easy to cook. It only takes a minute or two until they’re ready. Men are can get turned on within a snap of a finger.

Women are similar to uncooked chicken. You need to fry them for sometime before they’re can be served. Women have prerequisites to having sex. If you want to give them a memorable experience then you need to turn them on first. They need foreplay.

After Ejaculating, men to relax, calm down, and recharge. Women on the other hand experience long lasting pleasure when they ejaculate.


Mind Blowing Sex Prerequisites 

Women have sexual power over men that communicate they want, need, and are eager for sex. These men are on a long waiting list and they have little or no control or power over the situation. On the other hand, men that could care less if sex goes down or not, have a greater chance of getting what they want” 

Most men value sex too much and this just makes things a lot harder for them. They tend to be a prisoner of the emotions and desires. They will do anything to get sex and women take this to their advantage. When sex becomes valuable to you then you’ll end up paying a higher price.

The solution to this problem is indifference to the outcome. This concept is counter intuitive.

If you can demonstrate that you could really care less about having sex, then you’ve just leveled the playing field.

Here are some Killer ways of looking at things:

Sex is a given. It’s guaranteed to happen sooner or later. I am in no rush. I could care less if it happens tonight or not. 

All I know is that if ever it does, she’s going to be the luckiest and happiest woman alive. It’s going to be an amazing experience for her and all her friends will be jealous of her. 

I am a sexual being. I enjoy sex but I don’t thrive on it. 

Sex is the deepest form of communication for me. I tend to open up and become genuine after sex. 

Most of my best relationships start out sexually. 


Mind Blowing Sex Prerequisites 

Alright, let’s get straight down to business. Here are some of the most effective TOOLS you can use to give her an unforgettable SEXUAL EXPERIENCE. These are adapted from a post at The PUA Forum.


A. Stimulate Her Senses

Use the power of the senses to your advantage. The more senses you can involve the better and richer the experience will be for her.

  • Aromatherapy- Set the right mood by having some scented candles. It helps create a romantic environment.
  • Soothing Music- Make sure to have a collection of slow and sensual music that relaxes the mind. It helps creating in creating a sexual mood.
  • Dim the lights- Dim or turn the lights off and light some candles. Not only does it help set the mood, it makes women feel comfortable too. A lot of women are usually conscious with their body and how they look like.
  • Shared Experience- Do something together. Watch a movie in your room, eat dessert, and go take a shower/bubble bath together.
  • Compliment her- Compliment her. This makes her feel comfortable around you. Say things like “You know what… I love the way you smell… I love the way your hair falls on your face, and I love the way you make me feel right now”
  • Massage each other- Have some massage oil and learn some basic massage techniques. There are lot of books, videos, and classes that will teach you the basics. You don’t need to be great at it, the basics will do. Massaging sexually charges the interaction.
    Deep breathing-
    Don’t forget to breathe slowly. It will help you relax and focus on the task at hand =p
  • Lightly caress her body- Lightly and slowly run your hand all through her body. Don’t focus too much on the erogenous zones in the first couple of minutes. Save that for later.


B. Emotional Rollercoaster 

  • Fight and make up- Make up sex is always a great experience. Next time you get into an argument with her, try turning it around in the middle of the night. Not only does it help reconcile the argument, it provides a charged experience as well.
  • Playing hot and Cold- One minute you say you love her then the next minute you say you hate her. Kiss her, roll around, get her aroused, and then stop and do something else. Pay attention to her then ignore her, or vice versa. You pretty much get the picture. Be unpredictable.
  • Variety of emotions- Make her experience a variety of emotions such as fun, happiness, sadness, excitement, intrigue, fear, and etc. This can be done verbally by talking about an experience or demonstrated by doing something that creates these emotions.


C. Tension and Dissatisfaction 

  • Role reversal & Playing hard to get- Tell her that she’s not getting any that night. Explain to her how all women just want sex and you feel bad because you don’t want to be exploited. Tell her that you don’t kiss on the first date. Use all her lines on her. Play those cards first.
  • Leave her wanting more- Always pull back at a high point. Be the first to end things when it gets hot and heavy. Run your hands & mouth on her whole body except the erogenous zones. This builds tension and dissatisfaction and result to her wanting more.
  • Gaining compliance- Get her to do things for you early on. Give her commands like: come here, turn the music up, stay still, turn around, bite my neck, kiss me, take my shirt off, and whatever you can think off. The key is to get her complying with everything you say.


D. Romantic Beast Tactic 

  • Be Gentle- Kiss her softly. Run your hand slowly through her hair. In other words, be gentle. Then after several minutes…
  • Be Dominant & Wild- Start taking control of the interaction. Pull her closer to you. Slam both of her hands against the bed. Pull her hair. Talk dirty. Tear off her clothes (optional), put your fingers in her mouth, turn her over, take her shirt off, dry hump her from the back while you’re pulling the back of her hair and sucking on her neck. Here’s a recap on seduction.
  • Be Gentle- Then comes the hard part. Be gentle again. Soft and light touches.
  •  Repeat the process- Repeat the process. Repeat the process.


On Sex

  • Be smooth- Don’t ask her permission, it kills the vibe. Just assume the sale. Kiss her. While you’re kissing her take your take your clothes off. While you’re going down on her, put a condom on. Don’t ask, just do it. Pull her jeans and underwear down at the same time. Or just move her underwear to the side.
  • The unexpected- Have sex on unexpected places such as cars, sofas, someone else’s house, beach, and etc. It’s exciting. It’s unique.
  • Stay on top but don’t put it in- Fool around with all your clothes off but don’t slip it in just yet. Just let your best friends touch but don’t slip it in yet. Make her want it.
  • Get her to touch you- Grab her hand and gently stroke yourself with it while kissing her. This advance sexual tactic accelerates the process and breaks her resistance.
  • Change your tempo- Once you’re inside of her, change your speed from time to time. You can go really slow several minutes before you wildly pump like it’s the last time you’re ever having sex.
  • Thrust your hips- Be a master at thrusting your hips back and forth. You can interchange between shallow and deep thrusts to create variety. If you’re on top, tell her to put her hands on your ass and pull you towards her. Do the same to her.
  • Add-ons- Don’t forget to kiss her passionately, run your hand through her hair, across her back and legs. Smell her neck, suck on her collar bone, and kiss her ears. If you’re ramming her from behind make sure to stimulate her clit with your fingers.
  • Make her cum- It takes longer for women to cum so you got to hang in there buddy. There are lots of exercises out there that help prevent premature ejaculation. It’s something that takes practice to master so practice all you want.


Wrapping It Up

Enough theory…

Now go out there and make me proud. I want to hear about your success.

I hope that this has been helpful in giving you a picture of what day game is and how to master it.

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